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Faith College of Natural Health

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Our Mission

To make our college degrees more accessible by providing quality transfer programs.

To provide courses to develop learning proficiencies in the Natural Health Industry.

To provide an abiding concern for the world environment and the health of all its people.

To provide an education of excellence and maintaining our mission of accepting all students who desire to learn.

To provide a commitment to rigorous intellectual inquiry and critical thinking.

To provide an understanding for all students to take responsibility for their learning, to discover their potential, and to achieve their ambitions.

To provide, develop and offer programs and services responding to the needs of the people, institutions, and communities which we serve.

Faith College of Natural Health’s highest priority is offering education and training opportunities for the student’s success.

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  • There is no other investment more valuable than your own personal growth and development.
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Academic Programs

All of our courses are suited for those who want to study Natural Health, Holistic Health, Nutrition, and Herbalism. We offer the following: Certifications, an Associate’s Degree, Bachelor Degrees, a Master’s Degree, and a Doctorate’s Degree. These programs are designed to be self-paced so there is no time limit to when they are to be completed.

Benefits of Our Programs

The goal of our educational programs is to prepare, educate, and equip leaders to advance whole person health and well-being of individuals, communities, congregations, and especially those who are under-served. Also to equip our Ministers of Health to start their own businesses or develop Health Ministries and link such ministries to hospitals, community ministries, public health institutions and medical providers.
Enjoy Flexible Courses
Students have the freedom to juggle their careers and school because they aren’t tied down to a fixed schedule. Our online degree programs provide students with more flexible scheduling and more affordable educational experiences.
Teamwork & Leadership
Our experienced faculty members each have a unique background and perspective on the world. This will prepare graduates to take on management and leadership positions and address organizational needs in a variety of for-profit or nonprofit industries.
Ministers of Health
FCNH educates students as health wellness coaches, health educators, health ambassadors, advocates or promoters. Most importantly a Minister of Health believes in the importance of holistic health and in the role of faith communities in improving the health and wellness of the community.
Educated for Success
With the demand for natural treatments and services growing, Holistic Health careers offer a great deal of flexibility and independence for practitioners. Additionally, more people are seeking complimentary and alternative treatments to address health problems and improve their general well being.


Faith College of Natural Health

American Association of Christian Therapists

FCNH is an Accredited Academic Institution of the American Association of Christian Therapists. AACT is an association that certifies and licenses qualified Christian and Pastoral Counselors who meet established standards of education and training. Being trained through FCNH makes you eligible for Licensure.

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